A Dooney And Bourke Infatuation

I had just gotten a lump sum separation check from my employer as they closed the doors to their business forever. This check was their way of saying “sorry” to their employees that things didn’t work out. It was only $350. Not quite enough to buy a car, but just enough to go shopping. What was I going to do with it? What would I spend it on? My most favorite thing in the world was…purses! I decided that day that I would buy something that I had been wanting for a very long time. I would buy top designer handbag with my separation money. It would make me feel better and I would look good doing it. I decided that I would buy a Dooney and Bourke designer handbag.

My D B; handbag is a chocolate, crocodile skin leather bag with a cell phone and key hook inside. It has a drawstring closure which is handy for me so I don’t have to worry about zipping anything. The strap is a thick 2 inch wide and about 3 foot long to accommodate all the stuff I put in it. That’s why I chose this particular style because it was so sturdy. All of the D B; products are made out of durable materials, but I wanted a strap that was thick enough to not fall off or slouch down when I was trying to look stylish and wrangle kids at the same time.

My chocolate handbag also has the sterling silver hooks and embellishments to give it a very nice flair along with the silver feet hooks that I just love! The feet keep the bottom of my D B; from getting scratched up or scarred. The inside of my handbag is suede and has that so pretty Dooney and Bourke label inside. I just absolutely smile every time I look at my bag. I have been very, very happy with this purse in the SIX years that I’ve had it. I get compliments from it all of the time. It matches almost everything that I wear, mainly because I wear it with everything. I think the Dooney and Bourke handbag folks really know how to make great looking and stylish products. The cost doesn’t bother me because I’m willing to pay for things that I want. Since they’re all made of leather, their guaranteed to last forever, which is what D B; touts in their warranty. They also have a trade-in program where you can send in your old D B; and apply the value of that old bag towards the purchase of a new one. So, essentially, you can get a new bag for half the price. The only thing that I perhaps do not like about my bag or would change is to make the bag slightly bigger and perhaps a little wider to accommodate more stuff. Other than that, I am and will be a lifetime fan of the Dooney and Bourke handbags.

The handbags that are available are of different brands and sizes and it is entirely up to you on which one you want to choose depending on your preference and the above paragraph is kind of a luxurytastic vs designer discreet review to where design and preference are mixed together which will help in clearing the minds of women that are doubtful about which brand to choose and from where as some women do get confused as they find all of them wonderful.


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