About Haunted Places in Shreveport, Louisiana

There are many places in and around Shreveport, Louisiana that many consider haunted. Be warned that the locations below may be on private property with local authorities continuously checking the locations. The area flaunts its history with wounded soldiers, lost children, and gray clad prisoners. The area hosts many locations that draw in scare seekers and ghost hunters.

About Haunted Places in Shreveport, Louisiana Road

South of Louisiana State University around Highland Road near Lee Drive, Confederate soldiers cross the road mostly in October and November.


Forbing Railroad Tracks has several stories surrounding it. One includes a van load of children and an oncoming train. Rumors say that dusting the vehicle with flour yields child-sized prints.

About Haunted Places in Shreveport, Louisiana


The C.E. Byrd High school suffered a drowned teenage girl in the pool and then a teacher killed himself. A janitor and students, the exact reasoning unknown, caught fire in Old Elerbee Road School. Bells and screams occur at this oddly intact location.


Several stories and locations in Shreveport contain bells like the story of Taylortown Bell Tower, which was once a church. The story involves a bride, a late groom and a set of stairs.

About Haunted Places in Shreveport, Louisiana


Two locations in Shreveport once host criminals and security guards. The Old Caddo Correctional Center suffers paranormal activity relating to the violent beatings and many deaths at the site. In the Caddo Detention Center witnesses claim to see headless gray clad prisoners, mysterious cell door shutting, and locations where animals refuse to enter.


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