Feeding Your Dog

Dogs are dogs, not people, not persons, just dogs. They are animals and they don’t think like human beings. That said, they need and enjoy affection from their human “owners.”

We, as humans, are supposed to be more intelligent than our animal friends so it does not take much to imagine what they are thinking – if we remember that they are dogs.

What are you feeding your dog(s) at the present? Is it something that suits your pocket rather than what is best for your pet? There are many dog food products that are made by greedy money-grubbing manufacturers that contain fillers with hardly any nutritional value in them at all; such ingredients as wheat, rice, oats etc. The protein contained in them need be no more than old tennis shoes by law, or road kill animals. Of course, these are all ground up so that we can’t see what they were originally – but they are there – unless you are careful.

The first thing you must make sure of is that you trust the manufacturer. Don’t buy food full of fillers or food that is tested on other animals. It should be of good quality, made ethically and something that will keep your pet healthy. No animal by-products, this is just a way of using all the parts of an animal that we, as humans, would consider unfit for consumption.

There are certain vegetables that are of health benefit for your pets, but not all vegetables. This goes for other produce as well. So do some research and find out what exactly is in your dog food and what is really needed.

Sure, if a dog lived in the wilds, in its natural state, it would eat a completely different diet than we supply. But they are domesticated, not living in the wilds and they have “forgotten” what is best for them.

Does your pet sit and watch you eat, almost begging for some of your food? This happens more often than not and is easily fixed. Although I am not of any particular religious background, I once heard a Rabbi say that animals should be fed before we are. This made sense to me, how can you expect an animal to sit quietly while we fill our stomachs with food they have not yet had?

So, the first thing to remember is to feed your pet before you sit down to eat. This will ensure that it is not just hunger that prompts them to watch you eat. Do not feed your pet from the table – this will just encourage them to expect food while you are eating. By no means do I suggest you waste food, if it is good and healthy for your pet then wait until you are finished and then add it to your dog’s bowl AFTER YOU HAVE EATEN.

It is always important to educate yourself as a pet owner about the things that are best for your pet. That includes choosing and preparing the right and healthy food for your dog. You can visit website online so you’ll get some essential and helpful tips to make your pet healthy and happy.

Food is not the only thing your dog craves – make sure it has ample water Clean, pure, healthy water! Food can make you thirsty as it can your dog. So make sure that your animal has a plentiful supply of water to complement it’s food.

Remember that your dog relies on you to feed it so make sure you feed it responsibly, after all, you do so for your children, don’t you?


Carrie Ragsdale is a blessing, as her fellow writers say. She is a wonderful writer and her articles are something everybody loves. She mostly writes about nature and food.

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