Grand Theft Auto Iv: New Features

Grand Theft Auto IV, which features lead star Niko as an eastern European immigrant on the rise in Liberty City, is one of 2008’s most anticipated games. It’s due out in April of 2008 for the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 game consoles. As usual with typical Grand Theft style, it’s still lots of guns, sex and violence to entertain its loyal fans. Here is a list of some new features.


The major benefit of having a game based in the present as oppose to the past is the technology. Now you will be able to stay in touch with your friends and others by using a cell phone. You will also be able to take it a step further to use the internet and police computers to identity targets. Most cars also now will come equip with GPS systems so you may navigate where you’re headed to. Nicer cars are enhanced with voice enabled GPS.

Tougher Cops:

Remember when it was so easy to shake and bake the cops of Grand Theft? Well now those days are over! Escaping from the cops will be twice as hard to do once your search radar spreads out real wide. If you’re spotted again while your felony rate is still up, you will be forced to evade the cops all over again. Only good thing about this new feature is that a big shootout will not cause the cops to show up.

Climb Tall Buildings:

In a city surrounded with nothing but sky scrappers, there will be missions that involve you climbing tall building to snipe out your enemies. If you’re on point you might be able to scope out one of your targets and send them flying off the building to the cold concrete! The game will also require you to jump in helicopters and land them on top of these huge sky scrappers. You can even use gta 5 mod menu xbox 360 so you can totally have fun and enjoy while playing the game. This feature will allow you to do modification on the characters, weapons and other games.

Better Aim:

In this version of Grand Theft, the aim is guaranteed to be 100% better. Not saying that anything was wrong with the way it was, but now you will be able to fire freely or lock onto your enemies. As a plus, all the guns have a zoom option. Weapons such as the flamethrower and chainsaw failed to make the cut in this game, so there are only rocket launches, sniper rifles, handguns and automatic weapons like AK’s.

Being Social:

Now in between missions you will be able to “be social” meaning hang out and kick it with your friends. This is how you will be able to make connections throughout your time in Liberty City. For all you know, somebody could be waiting to give you a load of guns in and abandoned alley. You will even have the option to meet people at the bar and drive them home while you’re overly intoxicated. The in game camera swings wildly from left to right as you drive.


This is probably the most anticipated feature of the whole game, multiplayer mode! In certain areas of the game you will be allowed to play multiplayer mode with up to 16 people. No further details have been released about this feature.


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