My Guide to Singapore

Singapore is popular travel destination, known for legalized gambling, the Food Festival in July and many more exciting things.The year in Singapore kicks off with a bang on New Year’s day with fireworks shows and parties around every corner. The Chinese New Year lasts for 42 days and before the Night of the New Moon you will hear people yelling Gong Xi Facai which means, congratulations and prosperity.

In Singapore the weather is warm and humid pretty much all throughout the year. Most rain falls during the Monsoon season that being November to January and rain is usually sudden and very heavy. I would recommend packing lightweight clothes, sun glasses, sunblock, raincoats, umbrellas, comfortable shoes for walking, expect lots of walking and flip-flops because Singaporeans love flip-flops.

Now if you need some help getting around, there are plenty of cheap and efficient transportation options. The first and most exciting option would be the Tri-shaw which is basically a three wheeled rickshaw pedaled by a chauffeur. Your next option would be to take the taxi, which can be flagged down anywhere from one of many luxurious hotels to a back street suburb. Another way you could get around would be to take a metro, seeing as Singapore has one of the most advanced metro systems in the world.

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The island of Sentosa is well known for its 3 beaches, but is also well known for its tourist traps. When you feel like eating Chinese food head down to Chinatown, go to Little India for Indian food, and Kampong Glam for Arab and Malay food or you can head over to the East Coast for seafood.

Before you hop on that plane, you need to be well aware of Singapore’s laws and regulations. Most nationalities including Americans can enter Singapore without a visa, Irish, British and American travelers get 90 day on their visas. Singapore has strict laws on drugs. Drug trafficking carries a mandatory death penalty which also applies to foreigners, and yes Singapore has been called ” Vegas with the death penalty”. It is also illegal to bring chewing gum in the country as well as it is illegal to chew gum in Singapore. Pornography, Pirated DVDs and Cd’s, and publications by the Jehovah’s Witnesses are also illegal. Here are some more things that are banned in Singapore: overhead wires, homosexual activity, satellite dishes, freestanding billboards, handcuffs, feeding Pigeons and Monkeys, malaysian newspapers, and chewing gum.

Although Singapore has strict laws, I as a travel agent believe that it is the perfect country to visit after all it did make the top 10 best countries in the world.

Thanks for Reading, and I’m sure you will have a great time in Singapore!


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