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Introducing the new GSI Quality Digital Wireless CCTV Camera Kit with Quad Screen Display; the perfect CCTV Camera for your home, office or any other establishments that requires additional security and protection. Be ready to protect you, your family, employees and other important people in your life by using this state of the art security gadget. With its advanced technology, it can perfectly monitor 4 rooms in a certain area. Also, no need to always monitor the videos regularly, because it directly records all the videos and transmits it to your computer for you to playback it anytime you want. Isn’t it just plain wonderful?

GSI Quality Digital Wireless CCTV Camera Kit with Quad Screen Display Features and Specifications

  • 4 HD IR LED Night Vision Color Cameras
  • DVR-4 Channel Receiver – Monitor
  • Record 4 Locations Remotely
  • Motion Detection Alerts – Line Input/output
  • USB Mouse
  • Remote Control
  • Videos can be viewed via iPhone or other selected 3G Mobile Phones

Built in IP Servers

GSI Quality Digital Wireless CCTV Camera Kit with Quad Screen Display Review

In the way we are living nowadays, no one is always certain of their safety and security even in their own homes. There are really times when one can never expect and pretend unwanted things from happening to their family. And because of that, many household owners are looking for alternative yet very useful means to ensure their security and safety. One of the most common alternatives for them is by installing surveillance systems in their homes. It is more efficient than hiring someone to guard their house against burglars and other criminals.

There are just too many surveillance systems like paket cctv murah that are being offered in the market, and finding the right one can be difficult. However, a particular surveillance system for your homes that is highly recommended to anyone who wishes to have CCTV camera is the GSI Quality Digital Wireless CCTV Camera. It is just the perfect surveillance system that functions very efficiently and provides with valuable protection for your homes

What, then, sets the GSI Quality Digital Wireless CCTV Camera from other surveillance systems in the market? First of all, this awesome device is very flexible. It can monitor up to 4 separate rooms in your house day in and day out. It is like having 4 additional sets of eyes to look up for your house. Also, these four cameras function simultaneously, no need for switching from room to room, for it provides live video feeds from those four rooms with cameras installed in them.

Secondly, all those four cameras that will be installed in four different strategic positions in your house are 4 Sharp Color LED cameras. It provides you with a clearly defined video feeds of your different rooms. Because of that, if there really is someone unwanted in your homes, you can clearly see who it is. Also, there is less likely a chance that something will be missed with those clear video feeds.

Third, the GSI Quality Digital Wireless CCTV camera can be connected to the internet. This is really a very helpful feat, especially to those homeowners who are always on work and cannot always manually monitor the four cameras in their homes. The device can actually record all the videos caught in the camera and can be viewed on a later time. Or, because of its internet connection, it can be readily viewed through one’s iPhone or other selected 3G mobile phones. It is a very efficient feature that anyone will surely appreciate and loves.


Lastly, and most importantly, this device features a motion detection sensor. While the homeowner is currently not at home, and the surveillance system detects someone within the area of the house, they will directly send an email to the owner to alert them that someone unwanted is in the area. Once alerted at an early time, household owners will be able to take necessary action to prevent any accidents to happen.

Technology nowadays is really just very amazing. Take the GSI Quality Digital Wireless CCTV Camera for example. Who know that with a simple surveillance system, one can feel safer and more at ease in his own house? Life is really made easier and better with the introduction of these kinds of devices in the lives of men.


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