Heart Of Glass Face Of Botox – What You Need To Know!!

Cosmetic surgery may have been beneficial for most people. However, it should not be considered synonymous to safety or seen as without complications or side effects. The procedure is still a medical case that carries elements of risk and untoward results. You have to be alert and well-informed about these processes, especially those that have ruined lives and done more harm than good to those who have paid handsomely for their seemingly endearing effects. However which way you put it, cosmetic surgery is a dangerous procedure; and you should understand how bad it can get before you decide to have one for yourself. Face Med Store sells PepFactor to enhance the look of the face. The lips and mouth along with the nose will get a new look without any side-effects. The face will get shinning and glowing will deliver the best results. The carrying of the procedure is with the correct skills and intelligence.

  1. Liposuction. It may be a common scene nowadays, and you’ve probably heard more satisfied patients, than the ones who say that it has ill effects. Although liposuction takes away majority of diet-resistant fat cells, it is very dangerous because you will be putting yourself at the mercy of potential strokes or heart attacks. Some of the fat cells may be inadvertently released into your bloodstream, thereby putting you at risk for blood clots, which impede circulation to your brain or heart.

Also, some health experts speculated that the body may not immediately adapt to the sudden loss of fat cells, which it has stored voluntarily for emergency reasons. In turn, the body may tend to immediately hoard the next batch of calories you consume, which will only make you gain weight more.

  1. Laser surgery. What you must know about laser surgery is that it is still a developing science. There are reports of patients that had skin cancer and its derivatives after being exposed regularly to the lasers. The production of collagen may also be impaired due to the systemic effects of radiation. Furthermore, if your body is unable to adapt to the constant bombardment, lesions and cell mutation can result, making you more susceptible to cancer and other immunologic diseases.
  2. Breast implants. The adverse effects of silicone have rendered breast implants forbidden in some countries. Surgeons speculate that the body may detect the foreign material and begin attacking the “invader.” If this happens and the implant is not removed in time, the body will start attacking itself and result in leukemia, infection, and a lowered immune response.
  3. Eyelid surgery. The eye is a very delicate area, which is why surgeries that have gone wrong resulted in some patients going blind. Others ended up with conditions that are much worse than before they started the operation. Possible complications may be abnormal muscle twitching in the eye and the areas surrounding it, asymmetry in facial appearance, and impediments in blood circulation into the area, causing more sagging, dark spots, and wrinkling.
  4. Breast enlargement. The breasts become prone to cancer if they experience relative trauma. The cosmetic surgery procedures for breast enlargement may sometimes be too much for them to bear and start to cause dimpling, pain, and redness in the mammary area. Enlarging the breasts so much and so often can also put the patient at risk for respiratory difficulties.

You have to know that there’s always a price to pay when you plan to undergo cosmetic surgery. People have paid thousands of dollars only to end up being in the worst shape in their lives. Think about these and, perhaps, you’ll feel more satisfied about the healthy and natural you. If you’re planning to take the plunge and get cosmetic surgery anyway, equip yourself with adequate knowledge of both the advantages and the risks. In short, know fully well what you are getting into, so you won’t be pointing fingers when things turn awry.


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