How Does Online Video Work – Learn about the working!!

With the growth of superfast broadband it has become incredibly easy to watch high quality and even full 1080p high definition videos online. The internet isn’t going to replace television anytime soon, however, the online video marketing is growing at a rapid rate. Compared to television, watching videos online is more convenient, as you can watch when and where you want.

La video production company is guiding the clients about the working. The working of the tools and techniques is the best to deliver the best results. The procedure is simple and easy to offer a new and innovative look to the videos. The attraction of the audience is huge at the new videos through the company.

This added convenience, coupled with the increase in content is really driving up usage as “Online video usage in the U.S. is up considerably from the same time last year as time spent viewing video on PC/Mac/laptops from home and work locations increased by 45%”.

When it comes to watching videos online there are no surprises about which site is dominating the market. In January 2011 YouTube had 112,764,000 unique viewers in the United States alone! Second was Facebook with 32,328,000 unique viewers, displaying a clear link between social media users and online video viewers. This makes sense as videos uploaded to social media sites are very easily and very frequently shared.

The report suggests that although YouTube had the most viewers, it did not manage to keep those viewers on site for as long as some of their competitors. YouTube’s average time per viewer was 2:23 minutes compared to Netflix 11:08 minutes. This is most likely due to the longer content that is on sites like Netflix compared to the shorter, user generated content on YouTube.

Many companies are taking advantage of the growth in online streaming to advertise their products. According to a recent report, roughly 1 in 6 videos viewed online is a video ad, a 34% increase in just 6 months.

Another interesting statistic was the increase in viewers using mobile devices to watch stream videos. The Nielsen Company reports that 21.9 million subscribers over the age of 13 watched videos on their mobile devices during the second quarter of 2010. This is roughly a 43% increase compared to the second quarter of 2009. We would expect this figure to continue to grow with the increase in 3G and Wi-Fi enabled smart phone and tablet computers.

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