Idle Heroes: Strategy Guide for beginners and advanced ones!

The gaming industry is a booming industry, as the love for video games has reached a new level. These games are a great source of fun and entertainment, and you can learn some really good skills. There are thousands of games that can be played on PC and consoles. One such extremely fun game is Idle Heroes that has gained so much attention, and everybody seems to love it. There is a huge variety of things that can be done from choosing amazing heroes to fighting battles. This is a free-to-play game, and all you need to do is to invest your time in building up an amazing team.

Today we will shade a complete strategy guide of the game that can help you turn into a master. You can also check the to check the tier list of Idle Heroes. This guide is for both beginners, and the advanced ones can make sure they don’t miss the opportunity to get a 5-star hero and make their game better. 

  • Build up the best team

As you move forward in the game, you will notice that you get enough of 1-3 star heroes in rewards. Building a team of 3-star heroes is practically useless if we see in the long term. The 3-star heroes server for upgrading purposes and crafting, but they are considered useless. A player’s main focus must be to build up a team of 4-star heroes and above. This can be done by paying attention to leveling up and upgrading your game. Start collecting the heroes, whether they are 1-3 stars or above, but keep on releasing them to get coins instead of them.

  • Getting 5-star heroes

Acquiring 5-star heroes is the trickiest park as it will take you a lot of time to get the 5-star heroes. There is one trick that can help you get a 5-star hero in seconds. You need to register your email address in the game, and yes, get a 5-star hero from the challenge menu. You can also link up your social media accounts, which are optional.  Also, in rewards, you can get the rare heroes with the help of Heroic Summons. Another trick to get a 5-star hero is from friendship summons by clearing up specific levels in Tower of Oblivion, in a campaign or from the Wheel.

  • Complete the battles and daily quests

Idle Heroes game is so generous that it provides the opportunity to win rewards by completing the tons of battles and daily quests. Make sure you complete the battles and become an overall player. You can start by earning nice rewards by completing the quests, which are different every day. After that, you can focus on remaining battles, which are Guild Fights, Tower of Oblivion, Arena fights, and more.

  • The Campaign

A Campaign is a place where you can get equipment items to prepare your heroes in idle mode. You need to complete the battles in Campaign to get the new missions and get better rewards and equipment for your heroes team. There are some particular missions as well that can help you get a specific piece of equipment. You are required to complete that mission t get that equipment. Once you collected equipment in the idle mode, you can go to the blacksmith and get the better equipment crafted. Another strategy that you can opt regardless of micromanagement and planning is to set your heroes to auto-battle a stage where you get amazing items for loot.

  • Things to sacrifice at Altar

You will get a great number of 1-3 star heroes in the game, which can be used to place a safe bet for sacrificing at the altar. Some players also sacrifice their 4-star heroes, but only when they become sure that they have a solid team and those heroes won’t be useful in the near future.

  • Keep an eye on the Creation circle.

A place in the game where you can sacrifice your existing heroes to create or get better ones is the Creation circle. There are many options, and the requirements for them are pretty high, but sometimes they also offer an option to sacrifice your previous heroes to create better ones. You must know the requirements before sacrificing at the altar heroes as they might be needed in the future at the creation circle.

  • Join an active and strong guild

The most important part of Idle Heroes is to be an active part of a solid and active guild. When you are in a guild, make sure to be useful and competitive by investing in the guild tech. Investing in guild tech must be your first priority, and investing in shelter events is also quite crucial. Try to rank high in the Guild Raid events and get the best possible rewards.


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