International Credit Cards And Debit Cards

As business travel has become increasingly more global in nature, businesses more and more require access to credit, and credit cards recognized internationally. Most every major credit card, especially Visa and MasterCard have become widely popular because of their acceptance overseas. International credit cards are a safe and secure answer to carrying cash or travelers checks. Not only are there protections against fraud and other misuses, you retain your ability to return merchandise or dispute purchases made overseas.

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It is important to note that most credit cards charge some sort of transaction fee on purchases made overseas. Visa and MasterCard normally charge a 1% processing fee for international transactions. Card issuers may also charge additional fees, known as foreign or international transaction fees and are typically a percentage of the purchase price based on the foreign exchange rate translated into the cards standard currency rate.

Your international credit card can also provide you with access to ATM machines worldwide. Giving you access to cash within any particular country for use with smaller merchants who may not honor or recognize credit cards foreign to their own country.

For these reasons the international credit card is a flexible option for those who travel the world over for business or pleasure, essentially eliminating the need to carry cash or traveler’s checks and automatically calculating exchange rates and performing other computations based on your location internationally.

As a user of an international credit card, you should understand the terms and conditions for using a credit card internationally and understand all the applicable fees and associated exchange rates for using your international credit card as fee and benefits vary greatly from credit card to credit card. Savvy card shoppers who conduct their own research can even find some international cards that do not charge international fees and offer very competitive exchange rates just for using their card. Again, be sure you understand the terms and conditions associated with international purchasing and ATM usage.

International Debit Cards

When most people hear the words debit card they know exactly what it means. In fact you probably have a debit card in your wallet right now. You may even have performed a debit transaction some time during the course of the day. What you are using is a domestic debit card. There is also such a thing as an international debit card. Simply put, international debit cards are accepted all over the planet. It does not matter whether you are in the United States, Canada, Europe or somewhere in Africa you can still use this debit card.

A debit card of an international nature can be used to make purchases and also to make payments on bills that are owed back home. The number one advantage of this world accepted card is that you can go to a bank or a credit union and withdraw money whenever you need it. The same can be said for withdrawing money from ATMs.

While there are some remote locations where you may find yourself that an international debit card will not work, they do work in most countries. The card is backed by MasterCard or Visa which are both known the world over. Both cards have global recognition. Take a look at the card and you will see the logo for either MasterCard or Visa on it.

The convenience of being able to use an ATM no matter where you are in the world is a very important benefit of the debit card. However if you use an ATM that is not affiliated with the financial institution you deal with then you will be charged a fee. The fee would be higher in a foreign country than if you were to use a different ATM in the United States. If you plan to travel internationally and apply for an international debit card then you are better off doing your banking with a financial institution that has a presence around the globe.

Just as with your domestic debit card your international card is connected to your primary bank account. Most debit cards are linked up to a checking account but it is possible to have one linked up to a savings account if you wish. Most countries have processing terminals that are modern and are equipped with up-to-date technology. This means that the transaction is completed almost immediately. Even in countries still using older technologies the transaction would take place relatively quickly.

If you plan to venture out of the United States in the near future then inquire at your bank about international debit cards. Find out what you need to do to apply for one and how long it will take you to receive it.


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