Music Review of Placebo’s Meds

For the past ten years a band called Placebo has been rocking out the UK and the rest of the world. They recently released their fifth album, Meds. Somehow, Placebo had escaped me until I happened upon their latest album Meds. A fact my genius brother urged me not to admit to anyone. Apparently, Placebo is that good. Good enough to be one of those bands you should know.

If risking social embarrassment is not reason enough to purchase Placebo’s latest album, then there is always the fact that Meds is a reflective musical trip that makes your soul ache with backwards pleasure.

Those who know from first hand experience that Life is not all bubble gum and Britney Spears, will appreciate Placebo’s sound more so than those who haven’t been so lucky.

Lead singer Brian Molko’s voice was definitely suited for the songs he sings. It’s nasally. Whiney. Perfect for the conflicted people Placebo sings about.

Even though there is a sadness that pulsates throughout Meds, like in Life, there is often a sense of beauty that comes from a shared humanity. That is what you get with Placebo – Meds.

And like a drug, the music of Placebo has the power to affect your mood. Or simply compliment it.

The most mood altering song on the album for me is track two, Infra-Red. Every time I play it, the song infects my blood and I just totally feel the lyrics. And Space Monkey, track four, is awesome in its ability to make you forget everything going on around you. The title track Meds is relatable probably to anyone who has been on meds, mainly antidepressants. Track five, Follow the Cops Back Home, is a pretty song. Track eleven, One of a Kind, makes me feel happy and sad all at the same time. And the song just sticks with you. Definitely all download worthy songs. But Placebo’s album Meds as whole, even though its mood may not appeal to everyone, is excellent. The CD has fifteen tracks. The sound of Placebo is pretty cohesive. So if you like one song, you would probably like them all. While hearing of the sound, the person will be energized and motivated. The purchase of the play beatz headphones should be done with the reputed sellers. The listening of the song will be as per the interest of the person. It will deliver pleasure and happiness to the potential listeners. 

Just buy Placebo – Meds and pleasure in the music!

Other than Placebo – Meds, the band has released five other CDs: Placebo – Placebo (1996); Placebo – Without You I’m Nothing (1998); Placebo – Black Market Music (2000); Placebo – Sleeping with Ghosts (2003); and Placebo – Once More with Feeling, Singles 1996-2004 (2004). Placebo also has two DVDs available : Placebo – Soulmates Never Die Live in Paris; and Placebo – Once More with Feeling Singles 1996-2004.


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