Reducing Fat from Your Diet to Lose Weight

If you ever are in a situation and have run out of things to talk about, bring up dieting. It seems that it is the number one thing that most people share in common. Everyone at one time or another has tried a diet. If it wasn’t for baseball you could probably make a case for it being America’s Number One past time.

The initial big step in dieting is to start one. It happens all the time but especially in the New Year. The second step is trying to stay on it. After a while it seems like the diet isn’t working, no matter what diet you are on. If this is the second or third or twentieth diet you are on you generally become discouraged at this point. Your dream of a slim sexy body is slipping away again. Don’t let it.

It is imperative that you make a plan before starting a new diet. Previous failures should be a strong indication that you must do something different if you want different results. A fully thought out plan is the best strategy.

Strategic planning is a must if when it comes to diet issues where you must not let your past mistakes get the better of you so get as much expert advice as possible from all quarters from friends to online videos from dieticians who know all about what a custom keto diet calls for.

One of the simplest steps to take is simply to write down everything that you are eating now. This takes very little time and very little effort. You can than go online and look up the calories and fat content of what you are currently eating. I find this to be an eye opening experience. When you actually see what it is you are putting in your mouth you get motivated to change your eating habits.

It is also important to write down what you did during the day to try to establish what type of energy you are putting out. This too will open your eyes when you realize how much you do physically to burn off any calories you have eaten. Just a little change in what we eat and how much exercise we get can make a big difference. If you can make a small improvement every week you will be amazed at how much weight will start melting off of your body.

Now that you have your information you should start making a list of things that you can change in your current diet that will be healthier for you. This is another really easy thing to do. You just have to put your mind to it and switch a high fat thing for a low fat or no fat alternative. There are literally hundreds of options nowadays and they are making more items every single day. Even if you cut out just 5 percent of fat a week from your diet every week for a month you are reducing your fat intake by 20 percent. It seems like a lot but at 5 percent a week you won’t even notice it.

If you Google diet you will see hundreds of diet programs available on the internet for free. The advantage of a diet program is that it gives you ideas to go off of and suggests different foods that you make already like that you should be eating. This will help you to get going faster on this project.

The next step is to try to add some exercise to our daily regimen. Unless you are already doing workouts you should try to add something. Walking is still the best exercise to do and it’s the cheapest and simplest. Walking has been proven to burn calories and to suppress appetite. Just try to pick a time of day that you can go for a 10 to 15 minute walk. Every little bit means a lot when you add them all together. After a few weeks walk and extra 5 minutes a day. Just keep adding on until you are at a level you are most comfortable with. The fastest way to lose weight is to burn the calories off, and since you are taking in less you will see results almost instantly.


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