Save Money on Software Using the Internet

If you haven’t visited an electronics or computer store lately, then you might want to check out the prices on software packages. Companies have raised their rates for even the most basic of software, which makes it difficult for consumers to find reasonable deals. Brick-and-mortar stores such as Best Buy, Circuit City and F.Y.E. are all competing for the best prices on software, but they don’t seem to be giving their customers much of a break.

So how do you get around the astranomical prices of software packages? Try the Internet! There are multitudes of websites that have setups like eBay and Amazon, but are dedicated to software and computer products. You can find amazing discounted prices if you know where to look, and save your money to spend on something else.

NexTag is an excellent resource for discounted software programs. They have a convenient, easy-to-read navigation system with products ranging from Virus software to Microsoft XP. Most of their software programs are discounted 50-75%, which is an amazing savings over storefront prices. They allow user ratings for their products and users, detailed descriptions of each product on the site, the ability to compare prices from different sellers, and six different search methods.They currently have a total of more than 14,000 software packages in stock, all at discounted prices!

If you are looking for some of the more popular software packages – such as those from Adobe, Microsoft, Quark and Macromedia – then CampusTech is a great place to start. They offer up to 90% discounts on extremely popular software programs, and they have excellent closeout sales. For each product on their site, they give the MSRP, their price and the amount you save when buying from them, which allows you to make informed decisions about the software you purchase. You may also want to consider visiting This website is a great platform where you can find different coupon deals from several and various shops or stores. It is also possible for you to get coupon from a software store here.

While NexTag is an auction site for all different types of itens, eDirectSoftware is dedicated solely to software programs. This site is organized more professionally than NexTag and most other sites of its nature, with company information as well as a customer service department. The company is able to offer discount prices because they act as a liason between customers and manufacturers. When you order a product through their site, the request is sent directly to the company that makes the software. The process weeds out the middle man – i.e. the retailer – that adds their own profit margin to products.

I enjoy ordering from this website because they have a low price guarantee – all of their products are at least 30% off, if not as much as 75%. They also guarantee that the product you receive will be completely functional without any defects, which is valuable when ordering online. They offer original software, updates and upgrades. They also provide further discounts for mass-quantity orders (more than 5 of one product). This site is also convenient because, in addition to MasterCard AmEx and Visa, they also accept Discover and PayPal.

This is a lesser-known site that often has discontinued or unpopular software packages at very low discounts. The Computer Shopping Network isn’t as professional as some of the other sites, but their service is first-rate. You won’t find an enormous selection, but if you know what specific package you require, you might just find it here, for up to 80% off.

This is one of the most extensive sites I have ever seen, and it is completely dedicated to discounted software packages. They have a “Lowest Price Guarantee,” which comes with a few conditions, but they really do strive to have the best prices on the Internet. They have twelve different categories of software packages, including a “Clearance Aisle” and a section for software costing less than $5.00. All of their software is brand new – no auctions or refurbished products here – but with great low rates. The only complaint I have with the Software Outlet is that their shipping often takes longer than advertised. Still, it’s worth the wait for a discounted software program.


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