The American Eskimo Dog Breed

The American Eskimo dog definitely has the look of a dog from Alaska or Canada, but this dog in fact was born and bred in Germany, despite the American in its name. This breed is a member of the Spitz family, the type of dog with a fluffy curly cue tail and soft long fur. It is also not related to the Husky or even a Klee Kai. Some people can get this breed confused with the Samoyed, who has the same big black nose and soft sheen of white fur. Here are just the facts on the American Eskimo.


This dog is a small medium size with a beautiful all white coat, the only color they appear in. Their fur is gentle to the touch and they have a sort of almost lion’s mane around their neck. Their noses are wet and black, with usually dark brown eyes and big triangular ears sticking straight up. Their tail is big and bushy and their legs are short but sturdy. This breed definitely can be confused as a smaller Samoyed, but they are in fact a totally different breed and are unrelated.


They love playing with other kinds of dogs and enjoy wrestling around. They are very active and once they see its play time they will go mad with energy. Eskimos can be shy of strangers but with a lot of socialization, they warm up to people and other kinds of dogs much easier. They feel the need to be their master’s friend and will follow them everywhere, they are truly the ones to shine someone with some unconditional love. Also used as a watch dog, they can act so different depending how they were brought up, either a helpful guard or a gentle and shy dog.


Their coat is actually not a fuss to groom, its sleek feeling makes it easy to brush and get rid of loose hairs. Grooming an Eskimo is needed about once a day to keep them from shedding all over the house.


This type of dog is also very easy to train as they are smart and can easily pick up. For better training, it is advisable to use some devices and tools that would make the training more effective. For more information, visit barx buddy reviews.


American Eskimos live up to be fifteen years of age on average. They can have mild allergies in their eyes so specialized tear drops can be useful for them. These dogs need their daily walk to keep their muscles and bones healthy and fit.

The American Eskimo dog is breed that is actually not as often heard of as the other dogs it looks the closet too. Being a watchful eye or being a cuddle bug, this dog has a big heart in both ways.


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