The Hormone Revolution Weight Loss Programs

The delicate balance of the effects of diet, exercise, and supplements on your body’s hormones is at the heart of my Hormone Revolution program. You will benefit from my years of working with elite athletes in designing an exercise program for maximum effect and minimal time commitment. In this article :

—->I will tell you not only what exercise to do but also when to do them-both extremely important factors in fat burning and fitness. Once you start exercising, you will find that your dietary habits will improve without much effort. The dietary aspect of this program allows you to lose weight without starvation or cravings. Just as with exercise, the timing of meals and snacks is an extremely important factor that has a tremendous impact on your body’s hormones.

—->I will take you to step by step through my diet program, which is designed to harness the fat-burning power of your hormones. This will include instruction on what to buy at the grocery store, what meals to cook, what to order at restaurants, and even how to schedule your meals throughout the day. I also will discuss how you may eat starchy carbohydrates forbidden by most low-carbohydrate diet books by carefully coordinating the timing of your exercise with the timing of your meals and thereby create the “Magic Window” period. After you have your exercise and diet in place, the next important step in the Hormone Revolution program is a dietary supplement.

—->I will clear up much of the confusion about the numerous supplements widely available at health food stores and supermarkets. This will include a discussion of the vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that are indispensable to your life functions, help protect you again from an often toxic modern lifestyle, and give your weight-loss program an extra charge. As mentioned in the preface, this is a complete lifelong lifestyle program.

—->I will discuss in more detail how your lifestyle and life cycle affect your fat-burning hormones and how the Best fat Burners can help you achieve your goals. Getting proper sleep, minimizing stress, and avoiding hormone-busting medications, chemicals, and other environmental factors are extremely important to the program. Your life cycle (especially menopause and andropause) also has a tremendous impact on your fat-burning hormones. Pay no attention to the doctors who tell you that weight gain, loss of energy, and a declining libido are just natural and inevitable facts of aging. The Hormone Revolution program gives you the tools you need to improve your health for a lifetime.

—->I will explain how the program does more than help you achieve weight loss; it can actually promote longevity and improve your quality of life. Achieving and maintaining hormone balance will help you fight and prevent many diseases, restore youthful energy levels, and improve performance.

—->Finally, I will tell you how to plan and monitor your weight-loss program so you can stay on track and keep making progress until your goals are met. It is now easier than ever to monitor your progress, as we have access to many new and useful technologies. I doubt that modern science will ever come up with a magical invention for weight loss, but it can sure make it much easier to follow my Hormone Revolution program.


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