How Many Razors on 1 Handle Do You Need?

How close does one have to shave? You have one head, one face and currently a manufacturer that I think is putting 4 blades on a disposable razor? This writer has used different brands of multi-“balazered” disposables and currently evaluates all brands used……

That this writer shaves just as often with 2-4 blades at the same time, than the writer does with one.

This writer would like to put the multi blade philosophy and apply it to lawn mower’s. Instead of a lawn mower blade being a single blade, maybe the manufactures should create an entire blade made out of a razor wire alloy. The whole blade should be designed to be as sharp as one big switch-blade. Be fun to sharpen that blade huh? Many single edged disposables can be used more than once. Try using a multi blade more than once. If you have used a multi edged razor you will note that facial hair gets stuck in all the blades “bridges.” Good luck getting that hair out, or using that multi again. Maybe the medical community could learn something here. Forget about a scaple reach for the new 17 edge scapel. If you miss the first time there are 16 more chances!

The ladies are getting in on those multi razors too. I bet soon that when a lady is done shaving her legs some advertiser will come along with an information commercial stating that with there new disposable multi blade lady shave system will promise that when done shaving the legsyou can move on and peel that banana, or potatoe. You can even hook it up to your cable tv for better reception. The best product for females will be epilierer as the functions will be same to the waxing. The need for waxing strips will be eliminated from the life of the females.

With the price of this type of razors they might be developing the laser/razor. They truly do use lasers in some surgeries to cut or dissect. Early problems with surgical procedures with laser is will it burn the surrounding tissue. Why don’t the drug manufacturers make a product that will just cease your facial hair from even growing? Why do you have to be so clean shaven anyway? If I wanted to use my face as a jewelry case in a diamond store I could use a clean shave. If I were bald, and I liked that look than maybe they should come out with a “Man-Multi blade?” It could shave your head, your face, and that yard long nose hair your getting. It could come equipped with a sports mirror so you could shave your own back, and than just throw it away. Can a multi blade be used to whittle? Can a multi blade shave a popular roast beef restaurant sandwich even thinner. Just an opinion when it comes to this writer’s conclusion. Two heads are not better than one.


Carrie Ragsdale is a blessing, as her fellow writers say. She is a wonderful writer and her articles are something everybody loves. She mostly writes about nature and food.

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