Tips for Healthy and Sexy Feet Year Round

During the summer and spring, most people take the time to care for their feet, but during the winter, when feet are often bundled into sock and shoes or slippers to keep warm, foot care is often overlooked. If you take care of your feet during the winter, they will be healthier, prettier, and easier to care for during those all important sandal and bare feet months.

In fact, winter is the most important time to care for your feet! Plus, if you take good care of your feet during the winter months, they are healthy and beautiful and ready to slip into those sandals or go barefoot once the weather warms up. If you have happened to read mindinsole reviews, you would know that they are great for your tired feet. 

So how do you keep your feet healthy all year long?

For good foot care, wear proper fitting, arch-supported shoes.

Tight shoes pinch feet and toes. Poor arch support causes foot pain and can cause cracking on the sole of the feet, as well as bends at the ankles. Improperly fitted shoes, worn over a period of time, can actually change your foot shape too.Be sure your toes have enough room to wiggle a little bit, without pinching.

Proper stockings and socks are also important to goo foot care.

Socks and stockings should not be too tight. The seams will press against the feet and cause marks, swelling or rubbing. Also, socks and stocking that are too tight can restrict blood flow to the feet, and feet are healthiest and most attractive when the blood flow to them is at the right level. Be sure the socks you wear aren’t too thick so the foot can’t breathe, or else the foot will get damp from sweating, can wrinkle or even blister. If socks are too thin, they will provide no cushion against the hard seams and inner bumps of the shoes.

Keep feet looking good.

In the summer months, feet can get dry and crack, calluses can form, and feet need to be scrubbed, cleaned and moisturized. During the winter, feet should be allowed to dry out and air out between shoe and sock changes. Keep toenails trimmed and rounded, and make sure any hangnails are treated immediately, so as to avoid infection. Fissures, tears in the skin, scratches and any puncture or hole in the skin should be treated immediately with an antibacterial wash, or soap and water if no antibacterial wash is available. Keep feet as dry as possible. Medicated powders in shoes can keep feet dry and fresh and help prevent fungal growth.

Keep feet cool.

Don’t let your feet get too cold or too hot. Too cold can cause you to crack, scratch or damage your foot and not even be able to feel it. Also, when feet are very cold, circulation to the foot will be reduced. Too hot leads to infections, fungal growth and increased overall body temperature. Feet are healthiest when cool, but not cold, and when circulation is normal.

Trim nails frequently but don’t cat them back too short.

As stated earlier, trimming toenails is crucial to good foot care, but if you trim the toenail too far, you run the risk of infection, torn skin, and painful hangnail. Ingrown toenails and hangnails should be treated immediately, to avoid any risk of pain or bacterial or fungal infection.

Treat cuts and scrapes or breaks in skin immediately.

While this has already been mentioned earlier, it warrants repeating. Bacterial or fungal infections in the feet, especially when feet are constricted or circulation is poor, can lead to very serious long-term infections, including cellulitis, a potentially deadly skin infection. Most infections of the foot or leg are easily treatable if you catch them early, so for good foot care, be sure to look for cuts, scrapes and/or infections regularly and treat them as soon as possible.

You will never think it could happen to you, but it absolutely can. Untreated cuts and scrapes on the feet can even lead to loss of skin and tissue, amputation, or even could result in toxicity that can lead to death! While this is extreme, it can happen if feet are not properly cared for.

Sexy and Healthy Feet

If you follow these steps, polish up those nails or trim them up good, add a toe ring (for the ladies) and your feet will be sexy and enticing all year round, and not just during the summer. Think about your favorite intimate or romantic situation, where a foot rub by the fire even in the dead of winter would be an inviting proposition.


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