Tips From Local Electrical Engineer – Know The Tips!!

When playing outside…

Perhaps you want to spend time outdoors playing with the kids. There are lots of games you can play outside with the entire family. And if this is what you plan to do, you should keep the following safety precautions in mind.

  • Avoid power lines –

Never play near a power line. Even if you think or are certain that it is inactive and less dangerous, you should still not play near them. Teach your kids that all power lines are dangerous so they will know not to play near or with the power lines even if you are not there to accompany them and play with them. Do not risk you and your family’s safety by playing near power lines.

  • Keep away from trees near power lines –

If you think the trees can protect you from the dangerous of the power lines, you will have to think again. Trees can grow really tall and their branches can reach power lines even if their bases are far apart. You and your kids should refrain from playing or climbing trees that are near power lines. Your local electrical engineer strongly warns against climbing trees as electricity can run and be transmitted quickly through tree branches.

  • Do not touch outdoor wires –

When you see wires outdoors, it would be safer for you and the kids not to touch it. Make sure that not even you clothes will touch the wires. The electricity can easily be transferred from the wire to your body and cause an electric shock. Thus, for you and the kids’ safety, do not touch or go near a wire that you found outdoors. If it’s obstructing the road, call a local electrical engineer at once so they properly remove and restrain these wires.

  • Play with kites and airplane models in an open space –

This will ensure that your kites and airplane models will not hit any tree or, worse, a power line, which can quickly cause an electrical fire depending on the impact. Some of the open spaces where you can fly your kites and airplane models include parks and fields. Aside from having fun and enjoying quality time with the kids, you also meet other homeowners and parents.

If your kite or airplane becomes stuck in a tree or touches power lines, do not attempt to get them. Either leave them there or ask a professional to help you get them back safely.

  • Stay away from electric substations –

If there’s one thing that you should avoid when playing outside, that is the electric substations. These are even more dangerous than power lines and trees near power lines. Always keep in mind that these electric substations contain high-voltage equipment that should not be played with or handled by an inexperienced individual. Tampering with an electric substation may cost you your life. Thus, if a toy or a pet finds their way inside the electric substation, do not attempt to retrieve them by yourself. Always call a professional electric engineer to do the job.

Many firms are claiming that Our Electricians are licensed. For the hiring, there can be checking of the license available with the electricians. The information about the services is provided to know the working for solving the problem. The problem is solved with the professional approach to get the desired results. 


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