Braun Waterflex Waterproof Electric Razor

The Braun Waterflex waterproof electric razor is a unique one designed for versatility and the aim to bring you the best possible shaving experience and delivers you with a more closer and comfortable shave whereas, for women, there is the Braun epilierer for their hair removal needs.

Shaving Head

The Braun Waterflex is an advanced design of the Braun company, it uses a foil head instead of a rotary head designed with the other series. The foil head is used for the Waterflex due to the fact that the head prevents skin irritation and provides you with a smooth shave. The shaver is designed with 3 different cutting elements to give you an amazingly close shave that gets rid of the short, long, and flat-lying hair. It also provides you closeness more than you can imagine with an advanced design of Opti-blade which also allows the shaver to capture and cut hair closer than before. They have spent many years developing the advanced foil system of Opti-blade to give users a unique experience more than ever.

Wet and Dry Use

This shaver can be used when wet, you can easily shave in the shower if perhaps you prefer taking your bath and shaving at the same time to possibly save time in case you are in a hurry to get everything done almost all at once. You can opt to use the shaver when wet with gel, foam to shave in the shower. The shaver works great when used in dry shaving as well. You can easily take it along during travels when you need dry shaving. It can be simply rinsed under running water when you want to clean it up.

Battery Life

This is a very strong Li-ion battery that gives you 45 minutes of cordless shaving with every one hour charge. The powerful rechargeable battery is designed to provide you with a long-lasting shaving experience. It also includes a quick 5-minute charge which is enough for a fast shave in the morning in case you can’t wait for it to charge fully.

Precision Trimmer

The Braun Waterflex is designed with a precision trimmer that neatly and precisely trims and shape the hard to reach areas like the sideburns. If you are the type that likes your mustache to be perfect and intact, well using the precision trimmer you can style the mustache accurately with an inch of perfection.


You can simply rinse the shaver under a tap or running water to clean it up. It certainly provides an easy medium for cleaning the shaver.

It also features a 2-stage LED battery indicator that displays the level of the battery, it gives you a warning by blinking with a red light when low and when it charging it blinks with green light and lights up continuously when the battery is fully charged.

It also includes a cleaning brush to help with cleaning in case hair got stuck on the shaver and also a smart plug which is designed to adjust to any 110-240 volts.

It is designed in such a way that makes it easy to carry along on business travels, holidays, or when you going to visit.

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The unique feature of this amazing shaver is the fact that the head swivels 33 degrees to adjust to shape and follow the contour of the human face. The pivoting head perfectly adapts to every curved surface including the chin area to specially get rid of every hair found on every contour providing you an excellent and inch-perfect shave.

The Braun Waterflex is 100% waterproof. It is specially designed for use with water or in the shower which makes it easy to clean by rinsing it under running water. It can be submerged up to 1 meter.

The shaver is smaller than the other Braun series which makes it fit well when handling. It has a non-slip grip which is very important when you shave in the shower. The shaver fits well into the hands making it simple and comfortable to use.

The Braun Waterflex waterproof electric razor is mainly designed to be used while in the shower just like the name implies it provides flexible use while shaving in the shower.

The shaving heads can be used for at least up to 18 months before they are replaced by new shaving heads. The LED indicator will notify you when the head needs replacement.


The shaver can’t be used while charging which makes it hard for people who travel a lot to consider the option of not purchasing it due to the fact that if the battery is dead you have to fully charge it before using it.

It does not work that perfectly when shaving thick and long beards.

The Verdict

The product is packed with excellent features that bring electric shavers close to the level of manual shavers.


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